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I often say to people, “You cannot fail if you’re doing something you LOVE.”  I genuinely believe this to be true. My FIRST true love started as a little girl. I would doodle eyeliner on the eyes of the models in my school textbooks (my teachers LOVED that). As I grew older, I often found myself studying faces. I could actually remember somebody by the symmetry of their eyes, or the dimples on their cheeks.

I developed a keen interest and skill, in the art of cosmetics and began performing makeup magic on my friends before we’d go out for the night. People began to notice the techniques I’d use and ask where they had their makeup done. Eventually I began to be paid for my makeup services. This still blows my mind … getting paid for doing something for which I have such a passion.

Subsequently, I landed a couple of amazing years with Sephora, along with the opportunity to work under the guidance of global artists, brand reps, and talented industry insiders as they educated me on the current trends, techniques and products. These experiences MAXIMIZED my drive and I found myself knee deep in Esthetics.  Now because of my BEAUTIFUL clients, I maintain a full book of business, specializing in Makeup Artistry, Lash Extensions, and Microblading and I couldn't be more grateful.... 

I am (professionally) seven years in, and still get excited EVERY TIME I pick up a brush. Whether editorial, fun, creative, romantic or wild, I am ready to get the job done. Nothing makes me feel more at home than when somebody says, "I need your help!”

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